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  1. Just wanted to follow your blog.

  2. Woww.stumbled on to ur site.just the thing for needed for me.subscribe me pls.

  3. Subscribe me ur more on teaching p1 kids new to sg with 3 hoping to know a lot from ur posts.

    • Hi Sameera! My apologies for the technical glitch that prevented you from subscribing. I’ve added you to the email list manually. Please let me know if you are unable to receive updates! Welcome to Singapore!

  4. Do include me in your mailing list as well
    Keep me posted if you are heading to Tangle and we could check it out together
    I hv 3yrs old Twin girls, residing in punggol

    • Welcome Marcia! Have added you on the mailing list. I am trying to work out the Tangle visit as it happens only at 430pm – a mad time to be anywhere in town with two kids for me :P But I will definitely let you know when we do plan a visit to that or something else in the Children’s Season. Or… I could visit you in Punggol for a playdate! Hehe

  5. Hi Sarah! Just wanna say Im really blessed and inspired by your posts. Keep sharing :)

    • Hi Esther! Thanks for your encouraging words. Welcome to our little playful, encouraging community. I am sure we will have a lot to learn from each other! :)

  6. Hi, I am a mummy of 3 young kids -3,5 & 7. My eldest is in Pri 1. Hope to hear from parents on how to engage young kids to love learning & studying and to balance playtime as i really think children need playtime but we as parents are very constrained by the various needs of other aspects.

    • Welcome, Mui Hong! So good to have you drop by here. I hear your struggle. Our local system does make it a challenge at times to make free play a key feature of our children’s lives. Stay tuned because I am in the midst of putting together tips and sharings by other parents about how they balance things up in their homes! Do drop me an email anytime you have a question or anything you would like to share with other parents too!

  7. A worthy cause, Sarah. I especially liked your entry on ‘character education’, particularly the part about re-educating ourselves so that we can be positive examples for our children. Keep the passion burning!

    • Hello Daphne! You’re fast! Thank you for your affirmation! And yes, together we CAN make a difference to our children, our future, our society. Keep your passion and great smile alive too!

  8. Hi Sarah,
    I dun know why but i can’t subscribe to your blog. Can you add me to your mailing list, pls. Thanks!

  9. Hello Sarah,

    Beautiful blog, thankyou.

    Brought tears to my eyes and encouragement to my heart!!

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