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Shipping containers have primarily been a globally standardized transportation module for decades. The 8 feet wide, 8.5 feet high and 10, 20, or 40 feet long structures is a safe and practical way of transporting goods. Today, there exist over 30 million containers, and yet 15 million of them are standing empty and unutilized in the ports. The issue is that most people do not know what to do with these large shipping containers after they have finished transportation. Sending them back to their origin is expensive, and thus more often they are left sitting in the ports.  

How the Shipping Containers & Conex Boxes are Made  

The materials used  

These containers are designed from weathering or COR-TEN steel. The steel is developed to resist atmospheric corrosion and is therefore wind- and watertight.  


The steel panels are cut to the accurate size and are corrugated. Corrugation adds strength to the panels. The panels are soldered onto the reinforced steel beams, and then the floor and doors are fitted. 

The weight they can carry  

The shipping container is designed to be stacked. Generally, a 20 feet container can hold over 60,000lbs. However, these capacities can change depending on the type of container.  


Typically, a used container can last for over ten years while the one trip (those that have been loaded with cargo only one time) can easily surpass 25 years of use. However, depending on the container’s condition, some can last longer than others can.  

That said, here is how a shipping container for storage can change your life  

Home and Mobile field Office   

Space constraints are a common issue in most homes. A shipping container can offer convenient and spacious office and workshops where you can work. The ideal structure of the containers allows homeowners to carry out their DIY projects and keep your tool.  

Furthermore, if you have a field job, keeping your tabs on the progress requires at least a mobile field office. A portable storage container can provide the right amount of room for a desk and necessary office equipment. Here, the benefit of being weatherproof and the capability to be locked and ensure your equipment is safe is indispensable. Also, some models have translucent ceilings, which allow plenty of natural light.  

Storage for territorial jobs, companies  

Landscaping crews, construction companies, and other territorial jobs need to move around a lot. Thus, the equipment has to be shipped, and this can take time and effort both of which are costly to the companies. Using shipping containers not only means storage for the equipment when not in use, but also has it delivered to the job site.  

Home storage  

Shipping containers can make excellent storage spaces for domestic applications. These include:

Seasonal storage  

Most people have numerous holiday decorations that we bring out only a few months of the year. Keeping these belongings in the attic or garage takes up valuable space that can be used for other treasured items. A shipping container comes in handy in offering a store for your decorations. Additionally, the container can be used for seasonal sporting equipment such as boating and motorcycles. For instance, you can use the container for water sports equipment such as pool floats and jet skis during winter and swap them out with your snowboards, ski, and snow blower during summer.

Home renovations storage  

It can be extremely stressful living in your home while renovating it. Sometimes you have to pile or cram your furniture and other belongings in a corner or another room. It can give you ample space to keep your belongings. Thus, you keep them out of the way of the working contractor and protects them from being damaged. This makes things easier and gives you the peace of mind that your things are safe.

Permanent home storages  

A container can be used as a permanent storage solution in homes with limited spaces. Some homeowners use them as a garage while others expand their houses by designing them as home extensions.    


Moving can be a nerve-racking moment for anyone. Nonetheless, it can be made simpler by using a shipping container. It can relieve you the pressure of worrying about packing and loading everything on the truck in a single day. That will allow you time with packing, and thus you can be organized. More so it will ensure that you will have an easier time while unpacking your belongings.  

Business storage  

Most businesses are in constant need of cost-effective storage facilities. Whether you are looking to protect capital assets or need to offload excess goods, a storage container offers a flexible solution. The container can be used for seasonal inventory, temporary warehousing of products, dry storage for excess office furniture, equipment, and surplus supplies among other storage needs.   

Office remodeling  

Businesses have several reasons for remodeling. That can range from periodic cleaning, wish to redecorate to company restructuring. Sometimes, it can be risky to expose the company sensitive documents to the influx of contractors and workers coming through the office. With a portable shipping container, you can store your business files and documents in a safe place away from the office. Some of these containers come equipped with a lock box, which protects your padlock from bolt cutters. Besides, they are water, wind, and rodent proof as well as fire resistant.   

Need a container? We can help! 

The shipping containers have grown exponentially into a piece of global history over the past few decades. Moreover, as the desire for economically and environmentally viable projects grows, the utilization of these containers will probably continue to expand.  

Consequently, several companies have emerged and are offering high quality and durable shipping containers to make your storage process as convenient and easy as possible. One of these companies, the Shipping Container Sale company, can be a great resource. These affordable structures can be used as standard transport and storage options or styled and redesigned to meet your varied personal needs.   

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