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Quality Monkey Fun with Paper Monkey Theatre


I shared about this some weeks back on my social media channels.
But then I realized I didn’t blog about it! I didn’t want any of you to miss out on this quality show so here’s my recommendation.

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We’re a family that doesn’t spend much on entertainment like the movies.
BUT we have a soft spot for theatre – quality theatre, especially Chinese theatre for children.

So if you’re still looking for something meaningful and enriching to do with your children this September holidays, be sure to check out Paper Monkey Theatre’s upcoming production, Looking for Mama. This is brought back by popular demand since its first run earlier this year was sold out really quickly (and I couldn’t even buy a ticket in time! Boo hoo.)


What’s Looking for Mama about?
Looking for Mama tells the adventure of a brave little tadpole in search for its Mama.

You will follow the journey of one brave little tadpole who musters up the courage to leave his siblings in search of their mother. Along the way, he meets different creatures in the pond. To each creature, he repeats the same refrain,  “Where’s my Mama? Are you my Mama? ” Every creature replies with different answers. Though confused, Little Tadpole also makes new discoveries about himself along the way.

What to Expect?

You and your children will be regaled with storytelling, drama and puppetry in their finest forms.
Yes, even you!
What I love about their work is that they do not condescend or dumb down content for children. And they are always able to also engage the inner children of adults.

Why spend $15 a ticket?
Because it’s not often a quality family theatre performance (and in Mandarin!) comes along.
If you’re appalling at Mandarin like me, don’t worry! Like me , I am certain you will find plenty in the production to enjoy like the delightful puppetry and storyline.

I’m personally very picky about shows ( I’ve watched really bad, overrated and overpriced local ‘family theatre’ programmes and I do not hesitate to caution other parents about those). However, this is one production and one Singapore theatre company I wholeheartedly recommend.

Paper Monkey Theatre is helmed by renowned playwright and puppeteer, Benjamin Ho, and is one of my top favourites theatre companies in Singapore.  And I’m a great fan of Benjamin’s unique creative voice, artistry and finesse in his works. He is also a former trained MOE teacher and hence, he also possesses a strong pedagogical understanding of how children behave and think. This coupled with his experience and understanding intuition has a very strong history of producing entertaining and enthralling theatrical magic.

So yes, I’m really biased and think Benjamin and his theatre company rocks because of my previous wonderful experiences at his shows. And he’s also a personal family friend.

What are you waiting for? Check out the tickets now!
Several friends and followers on my social media network have already purchased tickets about two weeks ago after I shared the news.
There are only 4 public shows this weekend before the school run starts next week.
Tickets might already be gone but you can still call them to try your luck! Perhaps get a group of friend to book a school slot.
You can check out details here.

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