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If you’ve read my recent Notes on Disobedience and Defiance, you will know I’m on a personal challenge and quest to redirect my tongue towards more profitable uses. You know, like not using it to lash at my kids (and poor hubby). Instead to use my words to build them up especially when they are most trying (my boys, not so my hubby).

In addition to these ones you saw on my previous post, I’ve found up a whole bunch of lovely note templates you can print out for free.
So I thought I would just do a post to share them. In the Western world, it seems such ‘Lunch Notes’ are rather popular!

It’s a wonder we haven’t caught on to it even with the Bento-bug biting. (Oh! I do NOT bento because I have simply neither knack nor patience for it. )

{ via Buttoned Up}


{via chiquitamoms}

{ via Fresh Picked Whimsy }

{via My Sun Will Shine}

 And look at a whole other list of what I’ve found!
Bumper list of 25 FREE printable lunch notes.

Here’s a swell idea!
How about throwing in a good dose of humour to these love notes too?

{ via All For The Boys}

Joke Lunch Notes like these:

{ via peoniesandpoppyseeds}

Check out more joke lunch notes here…

School Lunch Joke notes to last a year

Do you write any love notes to your dear ones?
If so, what sort? Any tips?
If you have never tried, why not try doing some today?


  1. I was very encouraged by your earlier post on writing love notes to your kids as a way to recognise their strengths. While Sophie is still a beginner reader and she may not be able to read these notes independently, I think mummy’s childish doodles will do for now :)

    Thanks for sharing these resources. In fact, I’m printing some of these and pinned them on my Pinterest board :)

  2. Thanks for the summary printables! I write lunch notes to my kids too. And love notes occasionally. Gotta go print them out! :)

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