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Love Gifts 2013: Kids For Charity {KFC Project}

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What Is Love Gifts?

Last year, I held a ‘Love Gifts 2013‘ series as a lead-up to the year-end Christmas & New Year festivities. We had 12 solid low-cost but beautiful, meaningful handcrafted presents suitable for all ages, all gender and even for our spouses (one that involved ZERO dollars). Hop over to our Love Gifts Registry after you’re done here to check it out. You’ll be inspired, I promise!

With Love Gifts, I wanted to encourage us to return to the tradition of making gifts for our loved ones. Handcrafting presents seem to be somewhat of a lost and dying art in our modern day life filled with busyness and plethora of ready-made gift offerings. While handcrafting presents may take a lot more time, effort and sometimes, more money, than buying from the store, I believe the entire process is profitable not just to us, as the giver and maker, but also to the recipient.

As makers of gifts, we enter a quiet time of introspection and meditation on the goodness of life – the blessings of the friendship or familial relationship we share with the other party, and very often, the re-discovery of our own creative talent re-energizes us for life.

As recipients of handcrafted gifts, we receive not just a present, but a unique token reminder of how special we are, how much we have meant to another person enough. Sometimes, it can even surprise us because we never thought we meant so much to the other person. And sometimes, it can even encourage us to continue showing kindness and love to those who do not seem to reciprocate our affections.

So What About This Year’s Love Gifts Challenge?

This year, I’ve got a different spin on what we could do for this year-end season of festivities.
Instead of our loved ones, we’re going to focus on showing love to familiar strangers.
Yes, familiar strangers.
Familiar strangers like that charity we always see or hear doing a charity fundraiser.
Familiar strangers like the old lady or man, with the bent-over back, whom you see pushing a trolley to fill with cardboard or peddling tissue, rain or shine.

In short, we’re going to be crafting things for sale to raise money for charity.

It could be raising money for an organised charity, you know the ones with proper names and registered charity numbers etc.
Or it could be just about raising money for

You decide with your child who you would like to raise a love gift tor gifts for.

Why Craft For Charity?

This inspiration for this comes from my 5-year-old son, Lee.

And this is the nutshell story about how this whole thing got started.

Son Wants To Give Money To The Poor. What Does Mummy Do?

Make him find ways to get the money to give to them, of course. BECAUSE… taking money out of Mummy and Daddy’s wallets isn’t the right thing to do.

The Whole Story in the full and glorious, moving, entirety is over here.

How To Join? {A Mini Organisational cum Learning Possibilities Plan}

  1. Pledge your support & commitment here. As soon as you decide that you will like to join this project, please do leave a comment here to encourage others to do the same. If you blog about it, do also link up and leave your blog link here. (Sorry, I haven’t figured how to fix my linky button here.)
  2. >Decide who. Discuss with your child/family who you would like to raise funds for. Is it an elderly neighbour who lives alone and survives on handouts?
  3. Set a target. The target doesn’t have to be a huge amount. Even $10 is a worthy goal.
  4. Make a plan. How will you raise the money? What do you like to make/do? What resources do you have? How will you price and sell the items?
  5. Start making. Set up a project timeline to keep you on track.
  6. Market your stuff. Put your heart on your sleeve and brave the world to sell your ‘heart’ work.
  7. Go Out & Bless! Finally, with the fruit of your labour, package it in a meaningful way to the recipient and then bring it to them.
  8. Come Back & Share. It’s not about boasting but really to share your journey of love. What did you and your children gain from doing this? Will you do it again? Why or why not? How will you make it even better if you do it again?

Come on, end this year with love.  

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” 
Mother Teresa

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  1. This is a beautiful idea. I’m discussing with my elder son what we will do, and look forward to linking up real soon! :) Thanks for being an inspiration!

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