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It’s been a while since I’ve actively updated my blog or my blog Facebook page.
Because you’ve been such wonderful supporters of me and the causes I support here, I thought I should let you know the reasons why.

I’ve forced myself to go on this tech rehab programme to break my internet addictions.
It’s not just Facebook. It’s everything related to the computer and iPhone and iPad.
I think I need major help.
And so, I’m reading this book, The Unwired Mom, by Sarah Mae, and doing her 14-day Unwiring Challenge.
Well, except that the 14 days on my time is really on a more rubbery clock. I embarked on this last Monday, and I’m still pretty much stuck on Day 4! Though, I must put ┬áin a little word of encouragement to myself for doing the more advanced challenges like scheduling real meet-ups and dates with important people in my life – like my husband, kids and friends.
The internet and the computer are like my personal black holes.
I cannot seem to pull myself away from it as often or easily as I like.
Why does my 5-minute often turning into 500 minutes instead?!
Okay, 500 mins is a little of a stretch, but you get the idea.
I feel like the internet has become some form of escapism for me, and I DO NOT LIKE THAT.

I turn into a monster too often, trying to protect my ‘me’ time when I get caught up reading something interesting on the net and my boys are trying to get my attention for something that is in reality far MORE important than the ‘comment I need to type NOW’.
So for someone who really believes in the importance of low-tech, hi-imagination and connectedness play… I’ve fallen a far, far, faaaaaarrrrrrrrr way down to the cesspool of Cyberdom.
Or for me, CyberDOOM.

Please do not misunderstand me. I’m not saying that the internet and all the technological advancement that has placed such wired connectivity into our palms in the form of iPhones and iPads is evil.
It’s just that I’ve come to realise just how little self-control I’ve lacked in this area.

So for now, I’m going to be trying to go on strict, as strict as I hope to get, sort of cyber diet.
I’ve been tempted in the last 10 days to disable my Facebook account- but that would prove too scary for me, just thinking of how I would manage to get all my contacts over into the regular modes of communication like phone or email or snail mail. And how in the world will I manage my blog FB page?
I’ve been tempted into taking down my entire blog just so I will have this ‘uncontrollable urge’ to indulge myself in writing and doing stuff I want to do, instead of stuff I NEED TO DO for my family and *bleah* household chores. (Yes, seriously, I rather be working on my projects than on housework. That is NOT something I’m proud of admitting but I have to in order to begin breaking down these bad habits of mine.)

But well, it’s not that I need to totally disable all my internet access accounts.
It’s MY self-control and boundary issues.
It’s MY internal compass that needs to be re-examined and calibrated right.

So that I can live more aware of what’s important, what’s vital and what’s non-negotiable.
So that I can live a more intentional life to focus on these things that will last for eternity.
So until I can get myself sorted out over my tech-abuse tendencies, I’m going to have to restrict my computer and iPhone/iPad usage a lot more.

Meanwhile, if you really need to contact me, you can still email me OR call me. However, I’m also trying not to be that obsessive about checking emails ever so often. But you can be sure I will check emails at least once a day, and reply as soon as I can.

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