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This Heart Is Bursting With Gratitude For You


A VERY BIG thank you to all of you who supported me on this Voyage Of Dreams in every way – sponsoring stuff, donating stuff, helping to prep things, volunteering at the event, praying, encouraging me, participating in the day’s festivities, helping me spread the word and praying for me. Please do forgive me if I didn’t have time to personally connect with you, and to thank you for being part of the festivities. Truly, without you, we wouldn’t have been able to spread the joy of play and to celebrate each other’s creativity, dreams and families.

As I was busy rushing about, I only managed to snap a few shots.
Here are some sneaks into some of the going-ons at Singapore’s Cardboard Creativity Festival for the Family.
More photos will be coming soon from our volunteer photographers. If you’ve snapped some shots and would like to share them, do #theplayfulparents, #cardboardchallenge, #voyage of dreams, #publiclibrariessingapore .

Our Only Family Shot at the Voyage


Just some of the people who made our Dreams On Parade a great hit


Our dream ship, Voyager Of Dreams, being constructed by our Chief ‘Cardboard’ Engineer & my favourite little apprentice.


The Voyager of Dreams now anchored @ My Tree House, Central Library.

ITE College Central students putting together the maze using Makedo kits.
Photo courtesy of A Juggling Mum.

I especially want to thank my family for their support in every single way because without my family I wouldn’t have been able to do this at all. My parents, Aileen and Maurice, for their sacrificial love in helping look after the kids, cooking and cleaning. My husband, Matthew Roy, for his patience with me (and the absence of a decent house), and his invaluable and generous support in making this dream come true. My two little boys who also generously gave their Mummy up for many days (and nights) to let her pursue her dreams, and for forgiving me for being a ‘Mum-ster’ to them.

My youthful, beautiful mum with my youngest.

Zee with his energetic ‘Superhero’ Grandpa

And above all, like Sir Stamford Raffles, whose life story inspired the cardboard ship & craft at Voyage of Dreams, I would like to return thanks to my Almighty God, for giving me this dream, for blessing me with the people and resources to make this dream come true.

Thank you, Daddy God, and thank you to all of you who are reading this. I have a lot more photos and thoughts to share… but do give me some time to organise them ( and to first, get my domestic life and duties back in order!)

I truly, truly am humbled by all the generosity and warmth of all of you who have supported me in this event.
Special thanks again to National Library Board-Public Libraries Singapore for being such a wonderful co-organiser.
Without whom, our Dreams wouldn’t even have been able to drop anchor.
Thank you. Have a wonderful week ahead… and keep playing and loving your family!
Stay tuned here as more photos from the event will be shared soon.


  1. Congrats! What a breakthrough & a significant project! Praying that you will soar to greater heights & impact more! Keep looking up!

    • Thank you so much , Sharon! Was so good to see you at Voyage. And yes, let us both continue looking upward and pressing onward!

  2. So happy to see your dream take off Sarah. Everyone had so much fun and thanks always for the reminder to have a childlike spirit and be playful parents to our kids.

  3. Great Job, really impressive project, the scale, the creativity and efforts and most importantly, the Passion !

    There were only Happy faces from both kids and Parents last Sat :)

    cheers, Andy

    • Hey Andy! Thank you so very much for your participation and support! Parents and blogger friends like you really make the journey so worthwhile and memorable. Next year, counting on you to join in with your entire clan!

  4. Totally inspired to do more cardboard playthings after this, and encouraged to see many others like us out there :D

    • Hello Mei Chee! Yes, there seems to be many of us cardboard crazy parents and kids about! Come, join us for next year’s celebrations!

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