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Talking About Marriage To A Kid


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How early do you begin teaching your children about dating and marriage?
And how early should you start discussing the criteria for a good spouse with your children?

My eldest just turned 5, but in a surprise turn of pillow-prayer-talk last night, we had our first official discourse about dating and marriage.

At bedtime on Sunday night, my 5-year-old asked me to pray for him to find a good wife.
This is how it happened.

I was discussing with both my boys (3 and 5) about the story of Samson and Delilah in the bible because that was the bible story from children’s church.

Me: So what did you learn from the story of Samson?

Kor Kor: Do not lie.

Me: Yes… but more than lying, do you know why Samson got into the trouble he did?


Me: Because he disobeyed God, and probably his parents, and fell in love with the wrong girl. He liked a girl who did not love and obey God. This is why God tells us to be careful who we become close friends with, and who we marry.
So next time, you must only choose a girl who loves God, okay?

K ( with a sense of urgency): So how do I know which girl likes Jesus?

Me: Not likes, LOVES.

K: So how do I tell which girl loves Jesus?

Me: Have to pray and ask God the Holy Spirit to show you.

K: Can you pray for me now?

Me: You want me to pray for you NOW to find a girl, a wife who loves Jesus?

K: Yes. Can you pray for me now?

And so we prayed together for my sons to find a good wife each – one whom has her heart set on God, and whom God has chosen for them.

Kor Kor was very earnestly praying while Di Di was kicking up a whole load of fuss in the other side of the bed, screaming for me to stop praying. Wonder why. Humphf.

But my firstborn’s simple and innocent request touched me much.

Oh! And by the way, I took the opportunity to talk to him about 2 Corinthians 6:14 about equal yoking in marriage.

AND… this may be controversial, but I prayed for them both that they will not need to waste time dating to find which girl to marry.
Just like how Isaac had his bride chosen for Him by God, may the Lord choose the wives for both my boys and they will be content in marriage to those wonderful women of God all the days of their lives.


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