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Why Even Camera-Shy Moms Should Do Family Portraits


After having been a mom for 5 years, I have come to love being photographed with my children as much as photographing them.

Children just grow all too quickly. All too quickly out of their cherubic chubbiness. Though I must qualify that I cannot wish for those tantrums to fade away quicker.

No More A Camera-Shy Mom. Here’s Why.

My first month, and just about entire year, of being Mum saw me dodging the camera, especially when someone tried to snap a photograph of me holding my son. Now, it’s too late for regrets. But if I could just turn back time I would have allowed myself to be captured on film – disheveled hair, sloppy PJs and sleep still stuck on my eyebags. Because after 5 years, I have come to realize that every day as Mum isn’t the same and every moment past , even the horridest days, have become a treasured part of who I am today, and a priceless memory of Life with children who will never be little again.

So family portraits done by a professional photographer is something of an annual family tradition I hope to establish for ours. Before our shoot this year, which I’m about to share with you, we only did one other professional portrait two years ago.

My! How my babies have grown since then!

It was a really godsent gift that I was offered a complimentary outdoor shoot by Natsuki of Natsuki Photography just when I was thinking it was about time to have another professional portrait done.

How I Chose Our Shoot Location

As you may all know now, I’m quite an irrepressible energy ball and I adore the outdoors! And an outdoor shoot at Singapore Botanic Gardens sounded just perfect.

I made a special request that we held the shoot at Tanglin Core of the SBG as that place holds special memories from my growing up years.  In fact, it’s still very special to me that I do find as many opportunities as I can to still create memories there at the Gardens for myself and my little ones like last year’s Cardboard Dreams.

I want my family portraits to be visual story cues for me to reminiscence later on in life on how my life and life with children was like.

I like to think of my family portraits of being conversation starters with family and friends, especially with my own children. As such, I like to have our portraits that have significant emblems relative to our personality, journey or passion woven into them. I’ll share more of how I went about planning our shoot and share tips with you in another post.

Communication between the photographer and us, the client, is very key in helping achieve portraits that will be truly treasured by us. This is what I think sets taking family portraits apart from just taking nice shots.

Letting  Your Family Portraits Tell Your Special Family Story

For sure, my brief life spent as an advertising suit has left its indelible mark on me in the way I always approach shoots. I often tend to think of how to provide the photographer a client brief of the shoot I want.

But for this year’s shoot, I decided to toss out that urge to give the photographer a complete brief. While I most definitely did retain the same thinking frame of a ‘client brief’ and ‘artistic direction’ to help me plan our wardrobe, personal props and shoot locations, I just didn’t share  the photographer because I wanted to trust her professional eye and be surprised.

(Yes, even though I said I didn’t ‘say much’ to the photographer. I guess, I did more than subtly influence the end result.
In addition to planning the specific spots at the Garden, our wardrobe, I also packed some toys like balloons and fave drinks from my childhood and theirs! That explains the Ribena packet. Only thing is that little red plastic plane you spy in some shots aren’t ours, but the photographer’s.)

And so was I surprised?
Surprised would be an inaccurate term. I was genuinely pleased at the final photographs we received.

Truth be told, I wasn’t too sure what the results were during the shoot and I told myself to temper my expectations just in case.

Our photographer team comprised of Natsuki and her assistant, Francis.  While a very soft-spoken and gentle duo, they somehow managed to conjure up smiles and get my usually-frisky and camera-indifferent boys to look AT and INTO the camera.

Here are some of the shots I loved from our shoot.

Our typical ‘food wars’ captured on film

I really loved that Natsuki managed to capture different aspects of our family life:

  • Us as a whole family
  • Individual parent and child moments
  • The brothers together
  • Each child by himself

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Disclaimer : Though we enjoyed a complimentary family shoot from Natsuki Photography, all opinions are 100% my own.

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