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Out Of The Cereal Box Comes…


Since I’ve play-stormed up a Voyage of Dreams┬áthat’ll be sailing into Singapore on 13 October 2012, I’ve been trying to work in a lot of cardboard crafting into our household learning and playing schedule.

You know, just to make sure I’m intentionally working to prevent clutter for overtaking my house by way of too-many boxes.

Here, I’ll like to share with you some things we’ve made out of thin cereal/cookie boxes.
And if you’re coming for Voyage of Dreams, you can take inspiration from these and make your own standee animals to add on to the public cardboard ship sculpture!

*Drum Roll*
Presenting our cardboard menagerie…

Standee Elly: Template drawn on a 20cm X 15cm (est.) box

Elly having a splash

Whoo…Whoo… came out of the box! {Template on 15 X 10cm box}

Fat Finger Puppet Cat from the box is here!

Bring on your own cute or crazy Cardboard Menagerie to set sail on the cardboard ship we’ll be having at the Voyage of Dreams on 13 October at Central Library Singapore (Bugis).

Stay tuned here for more updates!


  1. LOL. That’s very creative. :)

  2. Thanks! Gonna try the elephant and turn it into Elmer & his friends. :)

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