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How are you?
Thanks for stopping by my little corner in the immense universe of the blogosphere.

Because I always love making new friends,
and new friends cannot be made without an introduction…

Let me introduce myself to you,
In as brief as one as chatty as I can do.

First, I’ll like you to meet my dancing partner through life.
No, I don’t dance in the typical sense of the word ‘dance’.
But my man, he’s the one who dances. Yup.
He did ballet at 6 or maybe 7 – danced through primary school, danced off stage and into Life.
Now, he basically dances me – the typical Singapore worrywart – through life.
He is ever patient with me in all the things I ought to do well, but don’t.
He is ever ready with some handy humour to help me put life’s messes and myself into perspective.
Levity and perspective are two rarities needed for the precious commodity called ‘Wisdom’.

What I find fascinating and wonderful about him can be summed up by looking at his entire name, made up of both Christian baptismal and Chinese birth names. By literal, symbolic and metaphorical definition.
His name translated into English?
Servant King, Son of Wood, Flying Dragon.

His ways, dispositions and character often remind me of my Heavenly Saviour King, Jesus.
My husband even loves working with wood.
One day, we hope to live in a place where we will be right smack in Nature.
And I’ve never known him to shrink away from pursuing his dreams, passions and convictions.

As we celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary, and our 20 years of friendship, I feel more blessed than ever that God has given me him.

Here’s a recent photograph of us taken at one of my favourite-st place in Singapore.

We were married after a very dramatic progression from friends to couple to estranged friends to reunited soulmates, again.

And oh! I did earnestly pray as a 9-year-old, on the steps up to Sunday School one morning, that I would marry someone by the surname ‘Lee’… just so I could be called ‘Sarah Lee’. That was how much I loved those buttery pound cakes. Kid you not.

In our second year of marriage, we wanted babies.
We conceived our first, but a short 10-weeks after, our baby went back to heaven.
The loss came as a shock, and hit me harder than I thought.
Especially since we saw the little heart beat on the screen and heard its loud thumps just two weeks before.
However, God being the Good God He is, blessed us with a boy exactly a year later. Perfectly timed to the prophetic promise I received at church.
And now, we have two bouncy, lemon-squeezy boys who just turned 3 and 5.

Now, I try my earnest best to give my family my all because they are treasures entrusted to me to love and care for.

However, life as wife and mom isn’t all that easy as you would know.

I often get distracted by my own dreams, but I’m learning to hunker down a lot better.
I’ve learnt the wisdom and beauty of streamlining my life.

So if you asked me to give you a condensed version of what my life is about…
Love hard
Play hard
Give hard

Because it’s truly better to bless than to be blessed.
Because I really want to be building up eternal treasures.

Thank you for reading this and I hope we can get to know each other better.

May my blog of wanderings and wonderings 
wow you  enough to live life with a different type of wonder.

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