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Guidelines for Dreams: Now Playing {VoD 2013}


Dreams: Now Playing Details

Date: 13 October, Sunday

Time: 2:30 – 4:30pm

Door Opens at 2 pm.

Venue: National Library Central (Bugis)

Location: The POD, Level 16

To book, go to


  1. 1.       Event Guidelines:
  • Registration: You must pre-register via Public Library e-kiosk or online booking system for this event.
  • Admission: Participants are only admitted by registration and creation contribution basis. To be granted entry into the event venue, every participating family has to bring along at least one cardboard( or recycled material) game or constructions  e.g. playhouse,  boat they’ve made.
  • Participation Rules: As this is a family participation event, all children and teens must be accompanied by at least one adult, and every adult should be accompanied by one child/teen. This is not a drop-off programme.
  • Participants’ Responsibilities: Every family will have to be responsible for the set-up and clearing away of their games. You’re also requested to spend some time hosting your game i.e. teaching other guests how to play your game.
  • Safety Guidelines : Adult participants have to ensure the safety of their young charges at all times.
  • Creation Guidelines:
    i. Do ensure that your creation is sturdy and safe for children. Some considerations include: use of child-safe, non-toxic material; no sharp edges or protrusions; no inappropriate language and imagery that may offend religious and racial sensibilities.
    ii. There is no limit on the size of creation. However, if you intend on bringing something bulky, you may wish to alert NLB before hand so that we can assure sufficient space allocation and to advise on the relevant logistics.
    iii. Participants need to be comfortable allow others especially children to play with their games. As much as we will all help the other participants to understand the need to handle games and constructions with care, we seek your understanding that sometimes accidents can happen. In the event of damage to your constructions, we are afraid we will not be able to offer any compensation for the damage, monetary or otherwise.
  • No monetary transaction is allowed to occur at the event. All games and creations are to be offered to the others at no charge.

How To Prepare For This?

  • Start talking with your children about what cardboard creation you will like to make.
  • For ideas and inspirations, you can turn to books, the internet or even this video about Caine, a 9-year-old who made an entire arcade out of cardboard. Do also check out this Pinterest board for ideas here .
  • You can already start sketching a plan for your creation and collecting the materials you need. Here’s is what an 8-year-old planned and executed with some help from his mum.
  • By mid-September, get started on making your creations! Creations don’t have to take days or even weeks! It can all be very simple as a toss-and-hit game.
  • Remember, that this is not about creating the best or most innovative game. It’s all about listening to each other’s ideas and working together to make something fun. Here’s a mom’s story about what she learnt about parenting from working on this cardboard challenge with her girl.

What To Bring to Event

  • A great attitude ready to share and have fun!
  • Your cardboard creation labeled with the important details: Creators’ Names, Name of Creation.

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