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Dream With Me Workshop 1: Dancing In The Rain! {Alyna, The Learning Caravan}


This workshop is brought to you courtesy of The Learning Caravan.

DWM 1: Dancing In The Rain
Best for children aged 2 – 5, and their parents
11:00 – 12:00(1 hour)
Multi-Purpose Room, Basement 1

What’s Happening Here?

Let Alyna show you and your little ones how to enjoy the rhythm of life on a budget. You and your little ones will learn how to make a rain stick, dance with it and maybe meet a wild creature or two!

More About Alyna

Alyna Chong is an early childhood educator and the founder of The Learning Caravan, an educational consultancy that provides professional development programmes to early childhood educators.  She has been working with young children for over 20 years.  Alyna simply loves children. She enjoys going the extra mile to make learning fun and engaging for the children she works with.

Limited seats available and admission by registration only.
Every child must be accompanied by a parent.
Don’t miss your chance. Book now.

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