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Dreams On Parade { DIY Craft & Creativity Corner, VoD 2013}


Dreams On Parade is where you get to let your fingers express your creativity and imagination.
And because every voyage needs a sailing vessel, we’re creating a special cardboard ship to take you and your creations onto a voyage of your dreams.

With lots of help from individuals and random strangers, we’ve amassed crafting materials and supplies with minimal expenditure!


We are thrilled to announce that highly-acclaimed creativity supplies company, Makedo, is sponsoring us 2,800 pieces of their amazing creativity construction tools to build our ship, maze and most importantly –
For you and your child to have a go at using their creativity tools to make and do at Dreams on Parade.
You MUST check out Makedo’s showcase and be inspired!


Activity Details
Where? At My Treehouse, Basement 1, Central Library

Time? From 10 am till 430pm, or until supplies run out.

What You Get To Do Here

You’ll get a selection of crafting materials to create your own creature and sailboat.

Create A Creature :You can use any material you like from our crafting table to create any creature of your fancy.

(No one else needs to know what your creation is, really. After all you may just be the one to discover some new species here! )

Create A Sailboat: You can even make a little sailboat, write your little dream or hope on the sails  and let it sail along with the Voyager.

Add To The Public Cardboard Sculpture: Because we believe that Dreams and Art  need a community, we invite you to add your creations to our cardboard ship and send it off on a voyage.

Main Crafting Supplies provided include:

  • Newspapers
  • Old Magazine Papers
  • Coloured Paper ( and paper scraps)
  • Surprise stash of scraps
  • Crafting embellishments: Googly Eyes, Pipe Cleaners
  • Ice-cream sticks
  • And more..
Crafting Stationery include:
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Wet glue
  • Sticky tape 
 How To Dream Here

To participate, you need to just borrow 6 items from Central Public Library in the month of Oct 2013 and present your loan receipt at the crafting stations.

Everyone appreciates having a nice place to dream and craft.

We ask you for your help in keeping this a nice dreaming and crafting corner with these simple rules:

1. Treat everything you see as if they were your own.
2.Use only what you need.
3. Leave the place nice and neat for the next guest.

Now, Some Inspiration Sneaks

I’ve experimented creations with my boys, and here are just a few ideas about what you and your family can make. Do check out my Pinterest board of cardboard crafts too.
This is by no means exhaustive or directive. So , do let your imaginations run free!


Children, teens, adults and seniors all welcomed!


We are happy for you to use whatever material you like.
However, while materials may be offered for your use at no cost to you, please remember that they do come with a cost.
They cost because they are made with precious resources from our Earth, and because someone has paid for it.

And here, I would like to honour the different awesome folks who’s donated out of their personal funds to bless the community here. A real testimony of the ‘power of one’ and that we don’t have to be rich to be generous.

These are the other wonderful folks who have donated crafting materials for this table, in alphabetical order:

CraftPlay: 1000 pcs of pipe cleaners

Makedo: For their generous sponsorship of creative construction tools

: For her stash of crafting supplies like ice-cream sticks, craft paper etc

Shine Kids Bookstore  : 1000 pcs of googly eyes

The Loving Mom: For her generous stash of crafting papers

While the above names seem to be companies/organisations, most are actually individuals who are bloggers or run their own home businesses…so their contributions are really funded by their own pockets.

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