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Dreams: Now Playing {Kampung-style Family Playdate}

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Dreams: Now Playing
Family Cardboard Games Playdate
{Back By Popular Demand}
The Pod, Level 16
STRICTLY by registration only.
Limited spaces.
Book now. 

Our Family’s Cardboard Game Contribution in 2012

To participate in this  ‘kampong’ style family playdate, all you have to do is to bring a game your family has made. You can create this game out of cardboard or other recycled materials and bring it down to share with others. You’re welcomed to bring in as many cardboard game creations as you like. 

There will be no competition for the most creative or the most beautiful game. 
It’s all about what you and your children want to make to share!

However, there are just some guidelines you’ve got to be aware of. See the guidelines here.

What’s Going To Happen @ Dreams: Now Playing?

  • What We’ll Be Doing: We’ll be sharing our cardboard creations, playing with new friends and appreciating each other’s creativity.
  • Activity Highlights:
    • Storytelling & Singing
    • Ark Of Dreams Photo Booth
    • Cardboard maze
    • Cardboard games

What to Expect?

  • Spontaneous Fun: We’re not keeping tabs on what everyone’s bringing so this means that we will all be treated to lovely surprises of fun different families bring.
  • New Friends: Be ready to meet new people you can dream along with!
  • Be Ready To Share: Do come ready to invite others to play with you.
    • Surprises: Life is always full of surprises. While we, the organisers, do our best to ensure everything runs seamlessly, we seek your understanding that with children, sometimes the unexpected can happen. But you can be sure that when the unexpected happens, we will make the best memories out of them for us all!

Take a peek at what some of last year’s participants contributed here

For ideas and inspiration, check out my special Voyage of Dreams Pinterest board.

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  1. Hi! We’re coming back this year! :)

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