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And so because my husband has this habit of always buying me something for special occasions, I thought that for once I ought to take an active step to help reduce his expenditure on trying to make me happy.

So when he stumbled home late two nights ago from work, stumbling from pure fatigue and not alcohol, I put him into a corner about his intention this Mother’s Day.

Me: So how much money do you want to give me this Mother’s Day? ( You see, I told him last year after he get me some-I-can’t-recall-what-present that I think cash would be better.)

Husband: (chokes on saliva, jolted from zombified state) Er…What? (flashes a saccharine smile) But I have already given you my heart, all I have is yours and you know, there are just some
things money can’t buy.

Me (pausing to think): Hmm, true. But it can buy my sanity.

And there was silence…
Then laughter and an agreement.
Now, I just have to wait and see.

While we wait to see what appears in my ‘Ang Pow’ on Sunday, want to guess how I plan to buy my sanity?

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