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Life’s A Beach On The East Coast Of Singapore


TGIF! As often as possible, we have been meeting our group of Homeschooling Families on Fridays just for kids to play and moms to chill.

This Friday, most of our group went for the Navy Open House and there was supposed to be no meet-ups until my lovely friend, M, texted me late Thursday night to ask if we wanted to go to East Coast Beach for fishing and prawning.

Well, of course, I jumped on the offer but I didn’t get the promo coupons for the fishing ($8 for an hour instead of $12) as I thought my boys wouldn’t be interested. Alas! They changed their minds when we were at the Fishing place by Playground @ Bog Splash.

At $12 for an hour of splashing and trying to catch the port little hapless fishies in the small artificial ‘longkangs’ ( drains) is too costly for me.
Plus there was already a school group of shrieking kids rushing about in there.


So this time round I had to put up with their pleas and try distracting them with the prawning our friends were there to do.

It wasn’t easy at all to catch any prawns or lobsters.First you had to put some slimy chopped up chicken liver onto the hook.


And you had to patiently stand by and wait for the clawed creature to bite.


Our eager kiddos, 5 and 3,kept pulling and shaking the rod.A man at the same pond caught two lobsters within 15 minutes.


And us? One little prawn. That was right after the four little eager bunnies trooped off to find the uncle-who-caught-two-lobsters for help.

On hindsight, longkang fishing is definitely more suitable for the young kids because it offers more immediate gratification than prawning which requires much more patience.

If you go there with your spouse, you could choose to let the fish nibble off your dead skin while your kid chases the fish.


After our prawning expedition, we
skatescooted to the Road Safety Park. I was last there as a 11 year old.


I was surprised to see good old Courtesy-Begins-With-Me mascot lion , Singa, welcoming us.

As you can see from the map below, the park isn’t all that big but still, a charming comprehensive miniature of the real roads outside- complete with gas station and convenience stall, SBS Transit bus shelters, mini roads and even a pedestrian overhead bridge!




The park was very quiet and the traffic signals were not turned on. But we still had some fun going around the place. Traffic signs and directional traffic norms ignored.


After the kids tired of the scooting, which didn’t take too long under the noon sun, my boys begged to go to the beach proper.

Why getting all sandy and dirty and sandy is so attractive to them, I cannot fathom. I found us a lovely shady spot a pebble’s toss away from the exit of Road Safety Park, towards Big Splash. The waters looked remarkably blue to me. Clear blue skies smeared with white clouds. Cool sea breeze. Gentle rhythm of breaking waves. Quiet, calm and happy children.


What is there not to love about life?

For the first time in weeks, my boys and I enjoyed a whine-free and fight-free day. Miraculous. And I think the
ONLY reason how we managed to achieve this was that we were just simply out of the house and in the outdoors where they could run and be free. No walls to bounce off. No artificial plastic play equipment.

Just lots of air and sky and open space.

I really need to get out a lot more with my boys.

This weekend, instead of the mall or indoor playgrounds, how about a trip out where the sun may touch your skin and insects may buzz?

And I wonder, what goodness have you and your children enjoyed from just being in Nature?


  1. Bring outdoors allows them to run to their hearts content is indeed a formula for whine free days. As kids, it’s what they need and in fact I think we could do with more fresh air, the sun and dome greenery too.

    • Oh yes Susan! I really think my momster days will be greatly reduced if I only had a nice big backyard to let them loose in!

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