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Fortunately for me, I married a man who isn’t too particular about appearances and attire. However that doesn’t mean that I am also free to run about looking like a totally dishevelled and unkempt woman thought I believe I do have every reason to be excused for my frightful lack of ‘style’.

I just have to face facts. I have a long way to go before I will ever attain Yummy Mummyhood, if ever in this lifetime.

But as some kind fellow moms have lovingly pointed out, it is far better to make a feeble attempt at self-grooming than none at all.



My Half-Masked Face & Freshly Scrubbed Plump Lips @ Style Essence Workshop

Have you heard it said that there are no ugly women just lazy ones.

*Head of frizzy hair bobs vigorously*

While it is painful to admit I am lazy, but I so like that at least these stylists have the faith that ALL women can look beautiful… With some work of course , and I don’t mean plastic surgery. Just some daily care of the skin, tapping into the magic of make-up and being clever with shopping.

Yes, so I shall confess now that I am one of those lazy women. Deluded even, thinking that I still have age on my side.

But who am I kidding?

Every Busy Mom Can Look Good!

So anyway when Florinda, my fellow Singapore Mom Blogger, who runs Style Essence, offered a complimentary session to us as part of the ‘SMB Turns 1′ celebrations, I had to drag myself off my bum and go!

And I was sure glad I did!

This was not the first time I attended such sessions but it was the first time I ever gleaned a whole kit-ful of practical tips that I ,yes! lazy and procrastinating I, actually put all I learnt into practice almost immediately!

Florinda being a regular mom of two herself understands the busy schedule and much-divided attention all of us regular moms face. I loved that though she is a beautiful, poised and well-groomed mom, Flo did not once look ar me disdainfully or employ any of the tactics cosmetic counter girls seem to love to use- you know, that awful guilt-tripping, make-you-feel-so-bad-about-your-nose full of blackhead and skin so dry routine?


For once, I left a personal grooming session armed with the confidence, courage and resolve to MAKE MYSELF LOOK GOOD!

Thus far I have probably achieved at least 21 days of proper skin care and make-up since I stepped out of Flo’s class.

Don’t laugh but I really am that lazy girl who can’t even commit to smacking on lip gloss and have had the same lipstick lying around , looking new, for 10 years?

So well, I am very proud to tell you that I have been:
– Cleansing and Moisturising my face for almost every day and night for the past 30 days

– Wearing make-up almost daily ( and while on holiday in Taiwan too!)

– Making effort to dress better other than be in my usual Tee and shorts

The Results have been (at risk of sounding ridiculous… But trust me, they are all true)

1. Hubby taking me out that VERY same weekend after class to buy me new dresses

2. Me getting compliments of ‘ You look beautiful!’ and ‘ So glam!’.

Compliments always boosts one’s ego la… And fuels the urge to keep working hard! Lol!

So for this Mother’s Day, I thought I should share with you all beautiful, self-sacrificing moms the simple secrets to achievable DAILY beauty and style tips I gleaned from Flo.

And Oh! In case you were curious, this is how I looked by the end of the workshop:


From Bleah to Better!
Photo Courtesy of Rachel, Catch 40 Winks


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