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Essential Style Tips for Every Busy Mom


Because I know you are real busy like me, I’ve condensed all the goodies The Lovely Lady of Style Essence, Flo, shared into these snappy lists.

These are the BEST EVER TIPS every busy ( and also lazy like me) moms can have to a FASTER, CHEAPER, BETTER way of maintaining (or salvaging) her youthful good looks. Seriously, I’ve learnt that doing the little everyday goes a long way. According to my calculations, it is definitely cheaper, safer and thus, better to spend a bit more now on the good quality skincare products than have to redirect investments to costly Botox and plastic surgery aesthetic treatments in the future.


  1. Wash your face properly with a good product daily! Don’t be lazy because the grime that gets stuck to your skin makes it hard for it to absorb any good stuff you slap on after.
  2. Sunblock is vital! Sun damage is hard to reverse.
  3. Rub Them On Right!
    I never knew there was a right and wrong way of applying products to my face. I am always just slapping and ‘buah’-ing (rubbing) the stuff on in little circles, upward…. WRONG!

• Facial cleanser: Little circular movements upward to properly cleanse pores
• Moisturiser: Circular upward movements
• Sunblock: Apply outward so it doesn’t clog your pores
• Make-up e.g. Foundation: Downward applications to smooth the fine facial hairs down do you have a better finish

Wow! Revelation!

Now, if you need some visual tutorial on HOW TO WASH YOUR FACE RIGHT, check out Irene‘s, my fellow SMB mate, video of guinea-pig me struggling to follow Beauty Guru Flo. Click on the link below.

WATCH VIDEO: The Right Way to Wash Your Face

ESSENTIAL Styling Tips

1. First,find your Colour tone.

I never could manage to figure out if I had skin that was warm or cool.

But here was an easy trick I learnt:

Go stand in front of the mirror with two scarves: a brown ( warm tone) and a black (cool tone).
Drape each scarf around your top , one at a time, and see which one makes you look more alive or dead.
The Colour that makes you look more alert is your Colour family.

Some can take both.

Fortunately I can else I would have to spend web more money changing my wardrobe.


Gorgeous Style Coach Flo with SMB Founder Rachel demonstrating how to find out if you are ‘Warm’ or ‘Cool’.

2. Figure Yourself Out

You have to get your shape right. I don’t mean hit the gym but understand what face and body shape you are.

This is so crucial because…you’ve guessed it! Looking good is pretty much about being clever with creating visual illusions!

There are many face and body shapes and whichever you are, a few clever tricks and you will be off to looking always stunning!

We each got personal tips on what hair style would suit our face shape and clothes for our body shape.

I was glad Flo gave us all a handy card with the types of clothes that would flatter my body shape cos I know I cannot trust myself to remember it all!

3. Work Your Make-Up and Wardrobe Around Your Colour Palette

After you get figured out, it is time to play with Colour.

So, red is not just red. Brown isn’t just brown. Even white isn’t just white! see all the variety we get in this world!


If that it’s enough to excite you, you must learn about the classes of Colour:
Primary , Secondary ( eh, not sure about Tertiary though).

Basically the chart below tells you whether it is okay to mix and match the different types of colors.

There are shades within that one single Colour family like orange that you will look fine matching.

Colours adjacent to each other are fine too.

An arresting but still attractive scheme would be colors on the opposite of each other.

Anything else…. Please consult a professional stylist like Florinda or a yummy mummy cos my knowledge ends here .


4. Accessorize!

I love this tip! It doesn’t have to bust your bank to update or up-style your wardrobe.

Flo gave us some of her fave accessorizing tips that give you the INSTANT GLAM without busting your bank account.

Flo’s Shopping Tips for BIG Style SMALL Money

 * Invest in nice scarves (NOT pashimina styles)
 * Necklaces are the way to go in adding that instant pizazz to your entire outfit. (I tried it and it is true!) Costume jewellery included.

( Yes, it is true – there are SOME things in life that can be good yet affordable)
In case you missed the Evidence of My Transformation, hop  over here.

Disclaimer: I was invited to this complimentary image consulting workshop by Style Essence but all opinions are 100% my own, as are my eye bags, wrinkles, dehydrated skin and all evidence of a neglected appearance. :D

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