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In the wake of all the intense early childhood education and Primary One debates that has been taking place in all my online parenting/motherhood/education social groups, I decided that it is a GOOD time to hit the PAUSE button to reconsider WHAT my own parenting beliefs are.

So I did that and I just decided that PLAY and PLAYFULNESS are NOT irresponsible things a parent does for her children.

PLAY and PLAYFULNESS are necessary. Vital. Crucial.
So really, we MUST Play-Play!

For my children’s well-being and mine.

I love this rule I read in a book called ‘Playful Parenting’ by Laurence Cohen sometime back.

TPP Follow the giggles
So here I am, introducing an all-new project to get all you people out there – Mamas, Papas, Grands or just playful – to help map out ALL the FREE public playgrounds in Singapore. They can be old or new. They can be play systems or fun natural spaces for children and families to just run free.

Please do chip in and pin as many playgrounds as you can around you.
Do add in a short description or link up to a blog post about these playgrounds you pin!

Map A Playground!
Spread the Play-bug!
Play IS Love!
Love to Play!

Come On, Let Play Motivate Us!
A Juggling Mom Motiviational Monday


  1. We love to play and agree that play is often overlooked especially in a society like ours where everything has to have a “benefit”. I guess it may be easy to say this now that my daughter is only three and I’m not too up tight about her academics. I hope I can still say this as she gets older.

    • The benefits of play, outdoor time, messy play, and just staring at clouds are manifold! And have been proven by research.

      Sadly, our society is very geared towards using economic and tangible, measurable, direct qualifiers for ‘benefit’ assessment. hence, we even need to coin a term ‘purposeful play’ to try and validate the value of play in our lives. (That is a rubbish term IMO. LOL. yeah…jaded, cynical but still passionate and idealistic educator-mom i am)

      I believe that you will be able to stay the course of upholding the value and place of play in your child’s life even when she gets older…because saying you believe in play is powerful confession! :D

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