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  1. Thanks for starting this linky! As a temporary SAHM thinking about what lies ahead, I look forward to reading these posts!

  2. Bravo! I chanced upon this linky and have enjoyed myself reading the links. Thanks for starting this. This is a topic that’s very close to my heart. I wish those few female ministers get to read these…

    • Hi Ing! I, too, hope some of the women who sit in office and have political influene do read them…somehow.

  3. Words so well spoken. In my opinion it is my honour to be able to stay at home and raise my children myself. I am not a Singaporean citizen and have only recently moved here, however, having been born and brought up in South Africa I have seen poverty and realise that not everyone who wants to stay home with their kids can. I was lucky to have my mother at home with us, to have fresh bread on the table when we arrived home from school regardless of people nagging her to return to work. When you are a SAHM there is nobody else to push the buck onto so to speak, we are responsible for how our children turn out nature/nurture it is how we sculpt our children into what they become, this is a tough job but the rewards are great.

    Here is to all the SAHM doing fantastic jobs of raising children and supporting other mums in the same situation, this is how a true nation is built.

    • Hi Dudleen! It’s so wonderful to hear a non-Singaporean perspective. It is so true that we who are able to stay-home with our children are indeed a privileged bunch!
      And I love the way you put it… “how a true nation is built”.

  4. Well said! I’m a stay home mom of 3 children, ages 5, 3 and almost 2. I have chosen to channel my skills, education, creativity and time into the lives of my children, where I believe has the deepest, most significant and lasting impact. Our society may not value the importance of mothers bringing up their own children, and it’s an entire culture/worldview that we’re up against. But what we can do is to hold fast to our vision, believe in our own worth, share our convictions in a timely manner, and encourage each other (just as you have done with this linky!)

    • Jill, you ARE my inspiration! 3 young children. I have much to learn. And yes, you are so right that we have to continually hold fast to our vision, believe in our own worth , and share our convictions where opportunities arise… And yes, isn’t a support network so encouraging to have?

  5. My turn to share through the eyes of my child.. thanks for hosting this, Sarah, means a lot to many of us.. united we stand!

  6. I made it! Lol! Thanks for hosting this linky – it’s something I wanted to talk about and was glad to have the opportunity.

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