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CNY Festive Fortune Spinners


Here is a really simple but quite interesting CNY decor item your child can make on his own with minimal supervision.

Not sure what is is called but we call it the ‘Fortune Wind Spinners’ because when you string them all up, the wind makes them spin around and they make a pretty mesmerizing sight!

I grew up with a very crafty Mum. She loves crafting and she is the one who taught my boys how to make these!

You need:
:: 4 – 5 red packets, rectangular ones
:: A pair of scissors ( I don’t bother using child-safe scissors)
:: A stapler
:: Red thread and needles (For Mummy or older child to handle.)


Step 1:
Fold red packet into half.


Step 2:
Make vertical cuts from the folded edge toward the opposite edge. Be careful not to cut to the end. Little Z (2.4 yo) using patterning scissors on his.)


Step 3:
Open up the red packet. Take the two corners that are diagonally across from
each other and staple them together ie Top left corner to bottom right corner.
After stapling, you may wish to press the spinner lightly from both its ends towards the centre to ‘fluff’ it out a bit.


Ta-Da! Your fortune spinners are ready to be strung together and hung!

Here’s wishing you a blessed, prosperous Lunar New Year!

This is part of My Heritage of Culture series.
Unfortunately we lost our iPad and I have yet to figure out how to retrieve my badge design for this! Booh00.

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