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Welcome 2013! {Announcement}


Our Blog’s Theme for 2013!

As we are busy digging deep into ourselves to count our manifold blessings for 2012, I think it is also good for us to build upon our present and think of the very near future coming in less than 25 days’ time!

I have been spending time reflecting on some pressing areas in my life, and I realise even more keenly than ever that my life, and time, has limitations. I have unlimited dreams ( yes I’m a dreamer) but with limited time. And I suspect I am an undiagnosed ADD. As such, I’m really trying to pull myself together a little bit more and forcing myself to really focus on the things that really matter.

With thought, and prayerful reflection, I am led to the needfulness in my life to focus on these two areas in my life:

  • HOME: our family, our community, our country
  • HERITAGE: our roots, our culture, our faith

Obviously, I do need to spend more time reflecting and praying to sort out the actual goals and key areas I would need to pay intentional attention to on a daily basis. But for now, this is what I know about 2013:

A year dedicated to discovering, building and enriching
my heritage of home for ourselves (the adults) and our children

In every month of 2013, I will be focusing on 12 different aspects of Building A Heritage Of My Home.

And every month, I invite you – blogging mom or not – to share your thoughts, insights and experiences on the theme for the month.


More details on how you can contribute to the discussion and idea pool for building a heritage and home of FAITH for Jan 2013 coming up soon!

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