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{Love Gift} DIY Plastic Bag Christmas Crackers


Plastic Bag = Celebratory Chic?
Is that even possible?

When I was doing up this Love Gifts guest list, I knew I just had to have creative and stylish craft ideas. So I just had to invite Jasmine of Gift Wrapsody to contribute her amazing talent here. (She made really cool cardboard games with her sons that was probably the most popular station at this year’s Cardboard Dreams! You must come and be part of CD 2013!)
I am really glad she made time to contribute an idea to us in spite of her busy schedule.

A mom of two boys myself, I hold Jasmine in awe for how she still manages to keep it all together so effortlessly and invent seriously stylish and cool stuff while I – hur-hur-hur- just am happy to hold MYSELF together.

From the rough-and-tough-stuff to the float-away-on-a-fancy, there is nothing predictable or boring about her ideas. Oh! Unless you count the common denominators of Cool, Stylish, Amazing, Brilliant as ‘predictable’.

And now, let me present this marvellously simple to make and  gloriously fun to play with Christmas Crackers.

I love Christmas Crackers but have you noticed how expensive they sometimes are. Not to mention that they come with little nick nacks that are well, sometimes a bit of a disappointment. I like the idea of personalising Christmas crackers and being able to fill them with anything I like. Well, you can find lots of DIY tutorials on the web that show you how to make a real Christmas Cracker. But the only problem is that you need cracker snaps

So I tried to think of an idea that one, would not require cracker snaps and secondly, would also result in a resounding pop! So here it is, fashioned from a wet umbrella bag. You know, the ones outside malls, that you use to store your wet umbrella in when it rains. Grab a couple next time, you never know when you might want to make a Christmas Cracker :)







I didn’t have time to add lots of fun nick nacks for this tutorial but I think you could put in a balloon or a little joke or note too, just to make it more fun.

I hope you have a ton of fun with this as you make someone smile this Christmas. If you liked this DIY idea, you might enjoy other ideas in the series, handmade holiday ideas.  
:: Printer-Friendly Materials & Directions List Below ::

Materials : 

  • plastic bag for wet umbrellas
  • pom poms
  • curling ribbon
  • washi tape
  • scissors
  • crepe paper hat


1. Trim off one end of the plastic bag

2. Tie a dead knot at one end

3. Put in the pom poms and the nick nacks

4. Blow air into the bag and twist the end tightly

5. Tie another dead knot

6. Cut off the excess plastic

7. Tie ribbons on both ends of the Christmas Cracker and curl them

8. Decorate the body of the Cracker with washi tape


 This is brought to you as part of The Playful Parents’ Love Gifts series {Christmas Edition}.
We have been sharing the Love since 26 Nov, Monday. Do pop by our Love Gifts Registry by clicking the button above to be inspired by our other ideas.
Stay tuned for the next instalment coming up tomorrow!


  1. Super like! Amazing how pretty it looks too!

  2. Thanks for having me and all those kind words! I think it all boils down to having a wee bit more time on my hands now that my kids are out of diapers. So glad you liked the idea!

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