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In case any of you missed the party I did for my kids’ birthday this year (which ,uhm, was two months ago), I’m sharing some highlights from that here.

The main Transformer Party Singapore Kampung Style can be found over on a friend’s blog because I promised it to her as a guest post as part of her ‘Birthday Blast’ series.

HOWEVER, here are some things that some friends have asked me about that I didn’t include there.

It seems that since my party, the online source for these way-cute paper Transformer dolls have disappeared.

Fortunately I saved the files on my computer. So here you go, you Transformer fans! To save the paper-bot templates, right click on text below.

I also did a little shrinky-dink plastic Transformer logo.
Sorry but the photo isn’t all that clear! DIY Transformer keychain/bag/ phone tag.
To get this done, it was really easy. I blew up a logo I got off the net to about 12 X 12 cm, traced and coloured in the logo with oil-based markers, punched a hole and popped them into the oven.  The shrinky plastic sheet I got from Daiso shrinks to about 25% of its original size.

Easy-peasy but a little time consuming with the tracing and colouring.

There you have it! Hope you have fun!


  1. Hi Sarah, where do i find the shrink plastic at daiso? Which area? Went to bt panjang one but can’t find.

    • Craft section near the…let me see… origami, jewellery making stuff. Mine was at tampines One. smaller so stuff gets squished together.

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