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Christmas is just a month away, and I’m pretty sure most of us are getting right into the spirit of the season!

It is also the school holidays for us here in Singapore, so that means that many of us parents are probably hunting for as many good ideas on how to occupy our children.

Starting this 26 November, I am kickstarting a new series here at The Playful Parents. Titled ‘Love Gifts‘, this series is all about sharing and celebrating Love.

Love Gifts is very much about using the simple things in life to create significant memories for both the Gift receipient and giver. As such, you will find that most of the ideas shared uses resources that can be either obtained very cheaply or even free.

Moms from different walks of life and with different talents will be sharing ideas on things you and your children can make together for those you care about. These are also gift ideas that you can make on your own for those you love.

Included in the series will be also ideas for Loving Thyself. Because unless we know how to love and care for ourselves, how will be able to love and care for others with our best?

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In case you’ve just joined us, here is the list of Love Gifts DIY ideas you will.
Links will be updated once they go live on the blog!

#1. Personalised Cushion Cover

#2. Photography Tips for Fun Family Christmas Shots

#3. Christmas Cookie Tree Ornaments & Magnets

#4.  Diaper Cake

#5. Feast of Love

#6. ‘Naturally Creative’ Christmas Card Crafting

#7. Christmas Card With A Twist

#8. Lovely DIY Bracelet

#9. How to Write A Love Letter to A Man

#10.Stationery Holders

#11. Plastic Bag Christmas Cracker

#12. A Beautiful Christmas Star Crochet Tutorial

12 Love Gifts of Christmas.
Will there be More?

YES! A Surprise is Coming Up Next Week!

And to keep more LOVE GIFTing going, it really depends on WHAT you do.
Love enough to share your love gift idea with us?

Email me or leave a comment here!


  1. Love this! Have a lovely school holiday with the kiddos :D

    • Hi Harlina! Hope to see you back here come Monday to check out all the great ideas you can also do with your children in classes!

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