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True Motherhood Fashion


M is for Marilyn Monroe who famously said the line:

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.

M is for a Muddled Mom like moi who has learnt to walk the lesson better.


In case you were wondering if this were all staged for the sake of a good photo, sadly, it wasn’t.
I really did walk out of the house wearing these.
I didn’t even notice anything amiss until I was about to dash across the road with my Lee to catch the bus to his school.
One mad mother in all sense of the word.
But thankfully, in spite of all my shortcomings, allowing myself to laugh at myself in the face of public embarassment and throwing all sense of lateness to the wind aren’t beyond my reach.
So back home, we trotted to get me feet-ed with matching flip-flops before we made the mad morning rush to school, again.

Walking In Style With


  1. *grin* that is why i ONLY keep 1 pair of flip flops by the door….

    • Irene, now you tell me! I better go keep away one of them. I still have them sitting by the door! Just that I wear my runners now instead. Only have pair…surely won’t wear another mismatched pair… I hope :P

  2. lol. I did that before! But actually your mismatch looks quite stylish

    • Stylo-Milo! What I didn’t understand was how I didn’t even feel the ‘uneven-ness’ of the flip-flops!

  3. oh I love ur twist abt mums still being able to conquer the world

    • Nerdymom, aren’t we Moms just amazing! Nothing can keep us down! Nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing!

  4. You are indeed walking in style. This could very well be the next fashion statement! I always said style is in the confidence you have, not the clothes you wear. Rock on mama!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka
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