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Sometimes I think I live for the sake of projects.

Where would I be without them? Probably stuck at home or within a stone’s throw of home, that’s where.

If not for my current project of hosting Cardboard Dreams as part of Imagination Foundation’s Global Cardboard Challenge, I most certainly wouldn’t have been motivated to wander out to the Singapore Botanic Gardens on a day where swarms of locals have been released from their daily grind.

But I was glad for once I did.

Wanderings re-establishes the original harmony that once existed between man and the universe.
Anatole France

Indeed wanderings in nature can uncover little wonders.

Along with the husband and kids, I trooped down to the Gardens where I had so many fond childhood memories myself.

This was the first time we had all gone there as a family with two walking kids.

After stuffing ourselves happy at the impossibly delicious Food For Thought, we went exploring the Tanglin Core of the Gardens.

Being ever the sculpture-inclined me, I followed the trial that would take us to the most number of sculptures. No one else in my gang really wanted to see them that day but I did for nostalgia sake.

However I knew that there would be one which would capture the children’s interest and I was right. They couldn’t resist climbing up it, touching it and asking questions about how it worked.


The Swiss Granite fountain is an interactive water sculpture where you can touch, turn and direct how the huge granite ball spins. It is a subtle sculpture where unless you succumb to your temptation to touch and explore, you wouldn’t realise that you can turn it any direction you want.

Have you experienced the magic of wanderings and wonderings?
Or where do you plan to wander in this week ahead?
Come back and share the wonders that find you.

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