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October Playbook: Follow the Giggles


My new game plan for tackling my Momzilla-tendencies,
fulfilling my desires to raise my kids happy with this

Follow The Giggles” daily play plan for October.
Come play along with us!
Share your giggly stories here, too.

Note: Over the month, I’ll update this play list with links to resources/samples you can use to get inspiration. So do check back here for updates!

Giggles Are A Reminder That Life’s Worth Living!

Week of The Chatterboxes

1.Read something silly – riddles,jokes, stories.{ Done! Knock-knock jokes and silly song}
2. Scat-singing. Watch this amazing Ella the Queen of Scat video. { Sorta done but gonna try again because boys don’t seem too enthused. Only getting smiles but not giggles from them.}
3. Tell a ‘If I were a… I would…’ story. Some story ideas here.
4. Tear- and-tell a story.
5. When you were a child – share your personal story.
6. Create something out of cardboard. It’s the Global Cardboard Challenge Day!
7. Communicate in Gibberish. One example here but you don’t have to follow it.

Week to G.O ( Get Out!)

8. Do a neighbourhood insect safari.
9. Cloud watching. Find a cloud reference chart here.
10. Coloured water sidewalk painting.DIY paint recipe here.
11. Collect 5 different types of leaves.Classification chart here.
12. Play catching.
13. Do a playground hop!
14. Climb a tree.

Week to Monkey Around

15. Make monkey faces at each other.
16. Mirror Game. Take turns copying each other’s actions.
17. Statue Game. Try to make each other laugh.
18. Tickle each other silly.
19. Just cuddle and hug.
20. Do some forward rolls.
21. Build a tent in your bedroom.

Week to Eat

22. Try a new fruit together.
23. Make something to eat together.
24. Sit and eat as a family.
25. Share about your latest favourite food.
26. Make painted toasts.
27. Make a potato mouse.
28. Invent a new family dish with everyone’s favourite food item.

Week of The Whatevers

29. Towel Me Up. Play dress-up using only towels.
30. Pick one idea from the month that didn’t work to try again.
31.  Pick one favourite activity from the month to enjoy again.

Download TPP OCTOBER Playbook


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