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Our Global Cardboard Challenge


One and only proper shot of my Zee and my handpainted sign for the event.

It has been an amazing day!


The Cardboard Dreams event that I decided on a whim to host as part of Imagination Foundation’s (US) first international initiative, Global Cardboard Challenge, became a reality today!

Alright, so maybe I’m exaggerating it a little here. I don’t claim that I had the Midas touch on today’s event…but imagine! Me – the event-management-phobe & jinx (seriously! I always jinxed up all my own events in my past) – managed to actually pull off an event with relative success. Success being defined as guests all found the venue and kids had fun. No injuries, mishaps and big boo-hoos.

I didn’t do it alone for sure!
For this, I do want to give a special shout-out to my hubby who took off just so he could be there for me.

And then there are my wonderful SMB friends – Adora, Evelyn, Dee and Jasmine – who had to put up with my many questions about how best to organise the event. They gave me lots of invaluable tips and suggestions for which I am most grateful that they didn’t tell me to bugger off, and go use my own brains!

And all the parents, and even grandparents, who took the time and effort to build things with their children. Then for taking the time and effort to bring the children and creations down.

And for all of you dearest readers and friends who couldn’t make it but yet helped spread the word around, sent prayers and encouragement along my way.

Speaking of prayers, God really did hold back the floodgates and prevented it from pouring down on our parade. A little drizzle there was… but at least none of our creations suffered.


Sorry to sound like I’m rubbing salt onto wounds, but it was really such great fun that I wished we had more guests to appreciate the genius of the children (and their parents, of course).

I was so busy running around like a headless chicken ( not sure why) that I felt like I didn’t even get time to play and appreciate every single game fully! My game station of foosball was left to its own devices as my two boys were busy romping about to play at other games.

When I spotted them I was already two packet drinks, and two sugar O.D.s,too late. They had discovered the vending machine dispensing cold, sweet drinks. For free . Oops! Update: NOT for free! Aha! Silly me.I just learnt from another guest, and confirmed with my hubby, that they paid $1 for each drink. *bish self on simpleton brains*


Very popular Drink Vending Machine with real cold sweet drinks. From a homeschooler’s 6 y.o. son ( Singapore Homeschoolers’ Group)

I mourned the loss of an incredible, impressive submarine made by Eliza and her boys, two of whom were stuck home sick. My heart was cut when she told me at the cafe during lunch that she had slashed it apart and left it at the bin. Then when I read her blog post about how she was feeling utterly terrible for abandoning RSS SWECS, I couldn’t help but cry. ALL the kids loved RSS SWECS. I have gotten so many comments from moms that they loved RSS SWECS. Now he is awaiting his turn to be reincarnated at the recycling factory and perhaps, we may see him at next year’s event. (Yes, we hope to have another!)

The late RSS SWECS

My sons’ and their Dad’s contribution was left mostly alone and whoever wanted to fiddle with it could. Oh yes, I also happily relegated the task of project completion to the man after I survived the brainstorming and initial stages of the Foosball.

Lee, Zee and Dad’s Foosball Creation ( Photo courtesy of Evelyn, thebottomsupblog)

There were so many other amazing creations that I fear I may miss out some. And I know I have because I didn’t snap pictures of EVERYTHING! ARGH!

So anyway, here is what I can dig up for now. More to come if I do get more photos. Forgive me if I missed anyone or messed up the names of the creators.

Poppy’s Toss and Hit game


Little fire chiefs off in their fire trucks to rescue bears in a burning building!

I am so bummed that I didn’t get any shot of the other creations from my new Muslim mummy friends from Ummi @ Play! Anyone from there who can send me photos please?


Front row are creations by two brothers, A and M. Simple they look but very challenging to play. Another tossing game box in the back.


Detailed maze by Elin’s son

Pinball Machine…now who is this by? Pray tell me!


A cute, portable fishing game in a box by a pair of 3 y.o. twins, assisted by Mummy Marcia

I know I definitely haven’t gotten all the photos of every game that was made and presented today! So please, if you have a shot of your game that I’ve missed (because I don’t have any), do do do email me so I can post to share!

Me tearing-and-telling a story from cardboard

By now you would know that I do have a penchant for stories, and telling them. Since we’re celebrating Cardboard, I decided to use it as material for a tear-and-tell story!

Here’s wishing all you big and little kids a truly blessed Children’s Day!

Now, I need to go try to attend to my messy home that has been neglected over the past week!

I shall be writing more soon about my own personal reflections this pursuit of Cardboard Dreams has taught me.

And create a linky so all my guests who have blogged about their own Cardboard Dream journey can share their stories and inspirations here.

Once again, thank you everyone for believing in our children and loving them enough to help them realise their Cardboard Dreams!

To quote my Facebook self:

Totally humbled and blown away by the generosity, creativity and ‘kampung’ spirit of all parents and kids who came down today to my Cardboard Dreams event.
Singapore, we have talent!
We are a gracious society!
Once again thank you to all of you for your support.
Even if you didn’t come, you also did much in sending me encouragement, prayers
and spreading the word!


I believe YOU are a playful and creative parent too.
Just go on and let yourself be free to imagine and play!


  1. Thanks for this event and the fun. I wish I could have tried all the games. I liked the maze thingy made by Elin’s mum – I didn’t see that one!

    Nice photo you had of the late RSS SWECS! :) You got one with the tin foil still around the periscope, haha.

    It was fun talking to many of you, esp you and Dee, and later Adora and Fang Hui. I wish I had more time to talk to the rest of the mums!

  2. Really well done Sarah! Am so happy for you and for the mummies – so much effort went into it! And what glorious imagination and fun! :)

  3. You pulled it off again!! So proud of you my dear friend :) wish I could see all the amazing creations.

  4. Awesome idea to promote green living & creativity! So sad I couldn’t be there cos of work :( can u do it on a weekend in future please?? Haha :)

  5. Thanks for organising this, Sarah! We had fun!

    Sorry couldn’t help as much as I would have liked. But you did a tremendous job!!! Yippee!!!

    Poppy had so much fun! She loved the submarine and oh, the vending machine!!! She wants me to go get another box just so we can make a vending machine at home!!

    Phew about the rain. It was a big white cloud of rain 10 min before we left the house!!!

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