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Sometimes, people lament art as a waste of money. Art cannot put food on the table. Art cannot fill your stomach.
Now, how about this idea to change your perception about art?
Using bread as a canvas for your child’s artistic expression, you’re essentially feeding him while fueling his creativity. It’s also a fun albeit crumbly way to get your kids into the habit of preparing their own snack.

The Inspiration
Painted toasts are something I learned from my eldest son’s school and he made it for his birthday during school snack. They don’t get to have parent-bought birthday cake, but they get to choose the birthday snack they want to make on their birthdays at school.
These are really simple and easy to prepare, make and of course, eat!
And since it was such a hit with Lee at school, I had to include it in our October Playbook  too!
The How?
To prepare paints, use milk or soy.
Drop food colouring into each bowl and stir.
Adjust colour intensity to your preference.
You could use plain water to get a true-er colour of each instead of these soft pastels.

Use spoons, brushes, food bento cutters and whatever else you fancy
to apply paint onto toast canvas.
Zee dipping a bento food cutter, blunt-edged down, into the milk paint.
Making little blue prints onto his toast.
Ta-dah! Pop painted bread slices into oven and toast to desired crisp and colour.
Butter up and sprinkle sugar on top.
Crunch. Munch. Enjoy!
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