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Reading, Joking & Singing Yourselves Silly

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Here I am to share how our first day of doing the October Playbook went.

In my October Playbook list, the task for Day One is to read something silly.

Well, but I tried more than read something silly.

Here’s what I tried:

  • Re-reading some ridiculous Michael Rosen poems like ‘Don’t put mustard in my custard’ ( My hubby was frowning upon all the MR poems I was reading saying I was corrupting young minds. While I totally adore the man! I think this particular poetry collection, Mustard, Custard, Grumble Belly and Gravy, of his resonate very well with the minds and spirits of young children. )
  • Telling ‘Knock-Knock’ jokes. ( That failed since I think I lack to wit , or would it be corny ability, to do some neat ones to get them laughing)
  • Singing a silly song about elephants having wrinkles. It’s a song we haven’t sung for months…but it worked its magic!

You MUST try singing this silly song with exaggerated actions with your own children. It’s called ‘ Elephants Have Wrinkles‘. We have it on our Tumble Tots CD but I don’t know who the original songwriters/singers are.

Here is a youtube video of the song. Find the lyrics here. 

I like the jazzy tune which I think is a bonus for any parent who gets irked by the annoyingly kiddy tunes.

What silly or funny stories did you and your child enjoy?


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