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Boo! It’s October…already?


I cannot believe how fast September, or actually the rest of the year, has slipped past me.

Growing Up

Still my babies

My babies both turned a year older in September.

At the beginning of September, I made a pledge to be more playful, more intentionally fun, with my children.
And now, I’m here to report how I think I’ve failed miserably.

The challenge of juggling work, home chores, kid-caring and self-care (didn’t I tell you I am now battling major teeth issues? That’s a horror! ) proved quite a challenge on me maintaining my playful spirits. I’m quite impatient with my kids already, but with achey teeth, oh boy! Am I a cantankerous mom or what?

Playful 16: Updates


Playful 16 was the 16-week journey I said I was going to be on starting September. We got off to a great start with Story Play Party , a story + art journey + playdate at Changi Airport.

So far, I’ve done 3 weeks of Playful Challenges. Telling my kids a story about my naughty childhood past. Transforming regular stuff like clothes pegs, straws into unconventional play things. Started cardboard crafting and still working on our cardboard foosball (table soccer) game for this Friday’s Global Cardboard Challenge.

Ta-Dah! October’s Play Strategy – Daily Play “Follow The Giggles

After trying to keep up with 3-weeks of Playful Challenges, I have dropped the ball , uhm, more than once! Now that my parents are gone, and I’m going to be completely alone with the boys for the next month (!) I’ve decided that I cannot honestly, remotely survive the weekly attempt of posting decent challenges. The playing is easy… It’s the blogging that (may) kill.

So! I’m putting this weekly challenge on a holiday along with my parents who are sailing down the Mediterranean seas for October.

This October, I’m going to instead attempt a 31-day playbook thing. I came up with this playbook because my friend and fellow blogger, Evelyn, asked me if I had enough ideas for her to try in October. Come, play along with me!

Yup. You read me right!

Your thoughts probably read:

What are you thinking woman?
You can’t even handle the stress of a weekly challenge.
You want to do something DAILY?

You’re probably right in thinking so.

But hey! I’m already so grumpy, so ill-natured that I probably need a good reason to force myself to chillax and have some good humour and fun, right?

My kids need and deserve a happy mom.

So wish me off to a good start. I hope that come 31 October, I won’t be caught saying:

Has October gone by too?

Rather, I hope I shall be singing:

October was just a blast!

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