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Alex Smith’s Resource List of Play Advocacy & Research {Playful Dialogues}

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During his interview, Alex Smith, founder of Playgrounding, shared some of the following resources and play advocacy groups.

If you’re a parent, an educator or someone involved in the design of community playspaces, you will find these useful and very interesting.

Alex Smith writes:

Your readers may be interested in exploring the American Journal of Play a free online academic journal.

Research is being carried out by a variety of organizations – Play England, Play Scotland, Play Wales, KaBOOM! to name a few – and individuals throughout the world who are interested in play from a variety of perspectives including child development, physical and mental health, creativity and education. The ‘ologies’ are definitely involved in researching and advocating kids’ play.

Sarah adds:

You must absolutely make time to visit Alex’s Playgroundology blog where he curates a most beautiful, awe-inspiring collection of all things play and imaginative from around the world – past and present. I promise you will be swept off your feet, your inner child aroused, and you will fall in love with all things play, again.


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