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Mama, Who’s Looking After You? { a special giveaway }


We, mommies, are always so busy tending to something or someone that we can easily forget to look after ourselves.

  • Since you became a mom, when was the last time you abandoned all your obligations – of motherhood, work, domestic and whatever else- to do what you wanted to make yourself happy?
  • When was the last time you deliberately disappeared from all human contact to just be by yourself, just so you could hear yourself think? Even if it means to think of Nothing?
  • When was the last time you could actually stop to admire a wild flower by the road?

Here’s the little wild blossom I stopped to admire while on my way to seek bliss…

And when, if ever, have you ever made an attempt to seek some rest in the hands of a complete stranger?

Since I gave birth to my first child almost four years ago, I have barely been able to sneak time with my hubby who lives under the same roof as I do. Let alone have time to sneak out of the house to meet anyone!

But I did on a recent weekend. I escaped the pressure of home, of cleaning out dirty diaper bins, of cleaning up after messy meal times.

I upped and went to meet a complete stranger who rubbed me in all the right places. Yes, indeed, it was a morning of sheer spa bliss.

With the help of  Blue Moon Valley, I managed to pull off my first successful escapade into spa heaven!


Yes! A rare entire hour of unbroken silence and solace in the years since I had my second child.

I know what you must be thinking, This woman must be kidding! But I kid you not. My two breastfed babies are like sticky toffee taffies on speed that no one really wants to care for the both of them.

Plus, being a single-income family now, I cannot really afford the regular massage and facial packages I used to have when I was working and child-less.

To further exacerbate my lack of self-grooming me-time is the fact that I suck at managing my calendar. All too often, I forget or double-book my appointments.

So when I was introduced to this new spa membership club, I was intrigued.


The hyper, harried me before the spa session began.

Romantically named after the utopian paradise in James Hilton’s Lost Paradise, Blue Moon Valley is a unique online spa club that offers its members preferential rates for various spa, beauty and grooming services at established spa centres, known in BMV-speak as ‘Spa-ticipants’.There is even gym for those who find it all joy to ‘abuse’ the flab out of themselves. Payment is on an ala carte, pay-per-use basis. Perfect for people like me who don’t have the luxury and means to make large downpayments upfront,  and for those who enjoy sampling different services and spa-hopping.

I was given a complimentary membership and SHIKA 111 massage to try out the system for myself.  Think of SHIKA 111 as an initiation rite. All new members get to enjoy their first massage, at their first BMV spa, in their first month at a great discount.

What I Like About The Blue Moon Valley Club

  • Attractive Prices: Access to cheaper rates for services without the need to pay any lump-sum for packages. I get to pick-and-mix my self-pampering options. I get to enjoy the services I need, when I need and when I can without that financial burden or pressure to use up my package.
  • Booking Is A Breeze: Just click on the service you want, add into cart and your BMV concierge does the rest. I had to change my appointment thrice because of different reasons like I was sick, something cropped up last minute with the kids. And each time the customer service personnel were very prompt and patient in helping me rearrange the appointment. They even sent me a reminder on the morning of my appointment and another post-treatment to ask if I enjoyed the service.
  • Comprehensive Selection of Services Available: With more than 300 services on the ala-carte menu, both men and ladies will find something here for their beauty, wellness and grooming needs. Couples can book themselves for a couple pampering session. Hen or hot mama night out spa parties can also be arranged by BMV for its members.  (P.S. I am thinking of how I’m going to whisk my man off for a couple spa date soon.)
  • Personal & Responsive Service: I liked the personal service I recieved from BMV when I booked my Shika 111, initiation spa treatment. Beyond the customary confirmation email, I LOVED their reminder calls. My waffle-mom-brain needs that!
    I like that they handpick their Spa-ticipants, and have no qualms about ‘blacklisting’ any that would give their members i.e. us any less-than-desirable experiences. They are also committed building the Spa-ticipant community based on suggestions and feedback from members. Yes! We can suggest spas that we would like to get preferential rates for that aren’t on the list too!
  • No Sign-up pressure: I totally love that the spa-ticipants are NOT allowed to hard sell or even soft sell any of its BMV guests packages. I love this because many a wonderful relaxing massages have been utterly ruined by the persistent hard sell chatter! Please let me enjoy my post-massage stupor.

A Mini Wishlist

The BMV website is easy enough for even the most web-challenged to navigate. I did wish, however, there was a map where I could use to see where the various Spa-ticipant centres were located. (Yes, this Mama is really out of touch with the bigger world out of home! ). An advanced search function to sort the desired treatments by  price and location would be nice to have too.

But again, these really aren’t inconveniences since the info on the site is already organised and user-friendly.


In my spa-induced state of bliss. Every Mama ought to be entitled to enjoy such bliss at least once a month!

Now, Something Sweet For You!  * GIVEAWAY! *

Blue Moon Valley is giving ONE lucky Playful Parent the chance to get pampered with FREE lifetime membership and a FREE SHIKA 111 Treatment (Total worth of at least $100). Two other lucky winners will win a free membership each to enjoy discounts.

To enter this giveaway, simply follow ALL three steps:

  1. “Like” the Blue Moon Valley FB Page
  2. If you aren’t already part of our Playful Community, hop on over The Playful Parents FB Page and “like” it too.
  3. Leave a comment at the bottom of this post to indicate which Shika 111 you want to be pampered with.  Do remember to leave your email address (it’ll be kept confidential) and use your Facebook name to comment.

Who can enter?

This giveaway is only open to Singapore residents and moms of all ages. (Because while BMV is open to both men and women, I would really like to give my fellow sisters the chance to be pampered! Sorry guys and dads! )

Contest Ends Soon. Hurry!

This giveaway will end on Thursday, August 30, 2012, 2359 hours.

The 3 winners will be randomly selected, and contacted via email.
Another winner(s) will be chosen if the the selected winner(s) do not reply within 48 hours.

Disclaimer: While my membership and SHIKA 111 experience have been sponsored by Blue Moon Valley, all opinions here are entirely my own.

Thank you all for participating!

1st Prize ( Free BMV membership + Spa of Choice) : Veronique
2nd + 3rd Prizes ( Free BMV membership) : Pamela and Sharon

Congratulations, Ladies!
Please check your email for futher details on how to claim your prizes.
Do reply within 48 hours. If not another winner will be chosen.


1st prize winner chosen by Random. Sorry I didn’t manage to capture the screenshots of the other two because my kids were fighting and I forgot ‘cos I was busy yelling at them to stop!







  1. Hi Mummy sarah, this sounds like something I can look forward to during my sleepless nights… :)


  2. This sounds really lovely for a harried mum

  3. Wow sounds great, Sarah! Thx for sharing!


  4. Thanks Sarah! What an indulgence…

    Full Body Massage (60 mins) with Body Polish sounds too good!

  5. Wow… Would love the occasional pamper without committing a package…

    I miss my massage session after the kid…

    Am game to try anything that relaxes me :)

  6. Great! Hope i get it.

    Below is my choice.

  7. Wow! my pampering session is long overdue.

    My choice of Shika111- quantum massage therapy full body treatment | 60mins | spaboutique

  8. Quantum Massage Therapy sounds good! But too bad that prenatal massage is not one of the option for Shika111. :)

    • OOOHHH! You’re pregnant! Congrats! Hmmm… I can ask about prenatal massage for you!

    • Congrats from us too! Ours is a very casual informal setting, without rigid and hard rules. Our aim is to make it About You, For You, With You. Although it is not a Shika 111 option, some Spa-ticipants do offer prenatal massage in the regular menu. We’ll be happy to talk with them and make special arrangements for you and other expectant moms.

  9. Thanks for sharing, Sarah. Before I became a stay-home mum, I was quite the spa junkie! haha


  10. Thanks Sarah for sharing this good deal!


  11. Sarah! I wish you lived in Clementi. We could have some serious fun.

  12. As far as I can see, Blue Moon is missing LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. That’s how I’d like to pick which service. No sense going for a de-stress if it’s going to take and hour+ to get back home. I’ll end up more stressed than I started out! :-) Maybe I’m just not navigating it right. The items all sound great tho. I’d love to do them all.

    • Kimberly! You live quite near town…there are a few spas I think along the train line you can get to easily. Jean Yip Loft is near Bugis MRT if I’m not wrong. Spa Boutique is about 10 mins walk from Orchard MRT, or you can catch Bus 7. Actually that is about what I know because like you I’m totally lost with the locations of the other spas because I’m a little ‘heartland tortoise’. Hahah. As for meeting up…we can compromise! Somewhere central? OR better yet. Consider moving back to Tampines!

    • Thank you for your feedback. Good point noted and we’re taking steps to include addresses and directions. We also welcome suggestions/requests for any Spa that you would like us to review and invite Spa-ticipation, for eg. if there’s a good one closer to home, or more convenient locale… (By the way, Jean Yip Loft is within walking distance of Outram MRT)

  13. As a mum, going for spas would be the last thing on our mind, yet a well-deserved pampering is what ALL mums would love! Thanks for organising this great give-away. I am going to tell more people about it. :)

    Choice of Shika 111 – Quantum Massage Therapy Full Body Treatment | 60 mins | Spaboutique

  14. Nice post, Sarah! And you look absolutely refreshed, might I add :)

  15. Sarah, looks like u have enjoyed the entire massage and spa! Good for you! I believe any item on their spa menu should be just as good to try….:-)

  16. I need a massage, it’s long overdue

    My choice of Shika111- quantum massage therapy full body treatment

  17. Thank you Sarah, for so kindly writing about us and introducing us to your readers. Everybody needs a little loving, we send our Love and Care.

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