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Weekend Fun: Do a Playground Hop {Singapore’s got one of World’s Top Playgrounds!}

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Great fun is often cheap and found right under your noses. In the case of this week’s weekend fun idea, I am suggesting you try going on a playground hop.

What’s A Playground Hop?

It is simply you going from one playground to another; preferably all within walking distance. Once your children tire of one, just up and go to the next! You don’t really need to know all the playgrounds there are around either because there is fun to be had discovering new places as you try hunting out the next too.

I love to do this playgroud hop around my neighbourhood and town because it often makes me discover new reasons to love where I live!

In Singapore, we are quite blessed to have playgrounds in most estates. And you know even if it does seem old and boring to us, you will be surprised how much fun our young ones can have there still.

Playgrounds of Our Past
If you are like me, a child of the 80s in Singapore, you would most likely remember the ubiquitous sanded playgrounds in our public housing estates ( also known as HDB- Hosuing Development Board- flats). These large concrete and mosaic and metal structures came in animal shapes, and later fruit shapes.

Then sometime in the early 90s, many of these classic playgrounds gave way to the plasticky, rubber-tiled ones we are familiar with today.

Alas! Not many of the good old classics to be found now. Else we would all have the privilege of sharing a slice of our childhood with our children with a visit to one sand, mosaic and concrete playground.

Where to Find The World’s Amazing Playgrounds in Singapore?

One of these wonderful old playgrounds in the shape of an imposing dragon can still be found in Toa Payoh, and has just been listed by a New York Blog as one of the World’s TOP 15 Amazing playgrounds!

See if you can spot any of these other old classics featured on the Straits Times page!

Found this rather interesting Project Playground on a Singapore blog on 7 ‘prehistoric’ playgrounds from our nostalgic past.

MORE Resources to Help You Hunt Out Heritage Playgrounds in Singapore

Google Map of Old Singapore Playgrounds  from JustRambling

One Mom’s Review of three such playgrounds including the now-world-famous Toa Payoh Dragon one

Have a blast this weekend!

If you do have one of these classics in your neighbourhood or you go playground hopping this weekend, please do share your photos!

Note of Thanks to Delphine of Life In The Wee Hours for giving me the google map link!

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