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Craft Fun: Crazy Box Cake


A caveat: Ever so often, my boys (3.5 and 1.5) have a way of hijacking my ‘pretty’ plans for art and craft. So I don’t have many, or actually any, lovely ‘finished’ pieces of theirs to show. I’ve learnt to moderate obliterate expectations of our sessions so that everyone will have more fun. I like to do things that are easy, loads of fun and cheap with my boys.

Here is a very simple but fun craft that even toddlers with very little patience and short attention spans can do. Please enjoy!

Inspiration for Today’s Craft:

Our Wooden Cake Set from Mother Garden. Source

All little kids seem to love birthdays – the cake, the candles (fire!) and the works. We own a Mother Garden wooden cake set that is often a hit with all our playdate visitors too. But we only have one and that sometimes means a ‘fight’ over it.

Then, there is of course my ever-growing stash of empty boxes and might-be-useful stuff in my kitchen.

So I thought: Hmm…how about making another cake for them to play?

Both boys love birthdays – cake, candles (fire!) and all. And their mama? Well, I wouldn’t be here today without cake.

This was also a perfect craft for role-play…extending the shelf-life of our ‘hard’ work. Yay!

Ready for a crafty party?

A Glance at What You Need

Little artist inspecting materials before we begin

A List of What You Need:

  • Empty boxes
  • Sticky tape to tape shut the boxes
  • Paper to cover boxes. The easier route would be to paint. So if preferred, paint colour of your choice to cover the boxes
  • Paint brush if you’re painting
  • White glue in container with brush
  • Velcro stick-on fasteners (depending on how many boxes you have)
  • Decoration bits ( can be anything you fancy or what’s in your scraps stash). I had: felt scrap,sstraws, leftover birthday candle-holders and ‘Happy Birthday’ plaque.. 3.5 yo Lee came half-way in with his sensory play stuff of macaroni and beans for added textural fun.
  • Scissors

Recommended Prep Work (Adult)

  • Tape boxes shut and reinforce edges with tape.
  • Cover the boxes with paint or paper before session (that is if you’re like me using the wrong paint that didn’t stick to the waxy boxes)
  • Prepare wet hanky for a fussy tot to clean his ‘sticky glue’ fingers, if you have one. (Mine’s Mr Fussy alright!)

My tot could help me tape the boxes but that meant I split the craft over a few sessions.

Taping shut the boxes and reinforcing edges with tape

Building Your Cake

#1. Paint your cake with colour of choice and leave to dry.

#2. Spread white glue on one surface of box.

Tip: A flat brush spreads glue more easily.

#3. Decorate with material of choice. My tot loves grabbing and throwing stuff. So I said, “Grab these felt pieces and throw it at the box. Let it rain!” That worked far better at keeping him focused than when I said, ” Stick these here and here.”

A great way to exercise those little finger muscles

#4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you’ve covered all the sides. I left one side as-is to stick on the velcro dots as I was using scrap felt bits, and I wasn’t too confident of it all being able to survive the enthusiastic ‘cake-cutting’ play.

The older Lee doing his 'Macaroni Cheesecake' version

The 'Crafting Chef' describing his 'shtraw-colate chip' cake to me

#5. Stick on velcro dots on the adjoining cake boxes.

#6. Stab some holes into the box with one blade of the scissors for the insertion of candles etc.

Making Your Straw Candles

#1. Snip up a previously-used straw into equal lengths or as child desires.

#2. Trim candle flame from a piece of red/yellow/orange scrap felt.

#3. Dab on some glue onto one end of felt.

#4. Insert into straw and press to secure.


Our Crazy Box Cakes: Crafted with Love from Repurposed Woulda've-been Junk

Now, to enjoy your cake…

  • Place cake or cakes onto tray.
  • Sing a hearty ‘Happy Birthday to Me!

    Huff, and Pufff, and Blow Down those Straw Candles!

  • Blow out the candles.
  • Cut the cake

    Of course you can have your cake and enjoy it too, darling!



Serve up some guilt-free cheer!


This is a 2-week project by a group of us from Singapore Mom Bloggers.

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I’m a spirited extrovert full time working mum with a highly spirited extrovert independent 6 year old boy & a slow to adapt semi extrovert hardworking, loving husband. Life around us is never quiet much to daddy’s dismay, read about us at

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  1. Very creative! Just wish I get to know this when DinoEgg was younger :) We have a small small plastic cake too (not as fancy as yours) and it always cause some form of fighting amongst the kids too. Never can understand why kids are so drawn into it.

    Love the idea of using scraps of material to deco the cake.

    • hmm.. why did I post it when I haven finish commenting LOL

      Love the idea of using scraps of material to deco the cake, makes the slices of cake unique n special.

      • DinoMama…hahah. too excited by cake? Thanks! Yes… I think that is because all kids love sweet treats? And birthday cake is extra special because it reminds them that they are special? Heehee…

  2. Wow great idea! Love how your son looks so serious in blowing the candles haha

    • Hey Madeline! Hahaha.. Yes, and he was also very serious about the cutting and well. He tried to chew up the candles more than once.

  3. Super coolness!!! Love it, will do one with Junior J for baby J’s birthday in Oct! :)

    • Jus, I cannot wait to see your creative twists on this! Remember to share photos of yours and link up when yours is done!

  4. This is just precious Sarah! I totally love the idea PLUS the usage of available home items – straws, beans, pasta, etc., to decorate. I will definitely try this one!

    • Alicia, muaks. Thank you for the chance to join in this creative fun challenge! This is really good for dealing with scraps in an artful manner… Alas! I still have loads more scraps I am hoarding!

  5. So cute so cute! What a good idea!

    • Thanks Adora! Coming from someone as captive as you, this means a lot! I shall ‘craft on’!

  6. Such a wonderful idea! Love it so much and it’s something that I bet the kids will enjoy a lot. Thanks for the creative idea.

    • Thanks Susan for the love! Hope your little Sophie will have fun creating her own crazy box cakes too!

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